Rates | Fees

Rates are shown below; invoices are forwarded via email as a .pdf file. They are due on receipt, and arrangements can be made for various forms of electronic payment (Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover, Electronic Check) via Pay Pal. All work is done on an hourly rate, day rate, or fixed fee basis. These terms apply to all work performed, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. The laws of the State of Texas apply.

Hourly Rate

For original writing and research, as well as editing or consultation, generally on projects estimated to involve thirty (30) hours or less of work, an hourly rate is charged. Those requiring specific legal expertise of a non-opinion, consulting nature may be subject to a higher rate. No specific legal advice will be provided insofar as advocacy.. While Reba is licensed as an attorney, the service provided here is not that of legal representation and does not create an attorney-client relationship. Day rates are also available.

Fixed Fee

For projects that appear to be more long-term in nature, where an hourly rate would be cost-prohibitive, a fixed amount will be charged, in a negotiated amount, dependent upon the complexity of the work and the amount of time required. Revisions. All fees include one round of revisions at no charge if the client is responsible in returning the edited draft to be revised. The second revision is negotiable, depending upon the complexity of the project. The third revision, should it occur, will be billed at the hourly rate.

Editing Rates

For editing your existing print copy, Reba charges for each 8 1/2 x 12 inch page (provided with double-spaced 10 or 12 point type) one of two rates, depending upon the involvement requested. For review of your work for spelling, grammar, and punctuation, she charges a lower per page rate than if asked to provide any comments or suggested rewrites. Unless otherwise requested, the Chicago Manual of Style will be followed.

Quick Turnaround

When the job is assigned accompanied by a deadline of 48 hours or less, Reba reserves the right to charge a “quick turnaround” fee of twenty-five percent (25%) the total project cost as a minimum, and fifty percent (50%) of the total project cost when the assignment is made after five o’clock on Thursday afternoon CST and is due the following Monday/Tuesday.

Killed Projects

If the project is killed before the writing is completed, then Reba is entitled to full payment of all hours invested up to that point. She is paid for her time. If the project is killed after the writing is completed, then Reba is entitled to full payment of the agreed-upon fee, in full.


A retainer is required for any job whose fee is expected to exceed $2000.00, whether it is based upon either an hourly rate or a fixed fee.


Long-distance telephone, postage, and photocopying expenses are not charged, unless the amounts become excessive. Travel expenses will be charged, as well as all expenses related to web publication (such as search engine optimization contractor fees, domain administration charges, etc.).


As owner of all copyrights to her work for all publication purposes including both print and internet, Reba does not release or grant any rights to her work, in all or in part, unless and until payment is received in full. Rights are reserved for all but the specific, agreed-upon use (web page content, first- run print publication, etc.) unless otherwise granted in writing. Additionally, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, Reba retains the right to include all work as a part of her writing portfolio. No work is undertaken on the basis of work for hire as a general rule.


Reba Kennedy is a freelance writer. On occasion, she will contract with law firms, designers, ad agencies or marketing firms on a Work for Hire basis, selling her final product to them for resale to their client. (See Rights, above.) Reba is not in partnership nor otherwise affiliated with any legal entity. She will not enter into any covenants not to compete and she will consider confidentiality agreements on a client by client, project by project basis.